U12s (Year 7) FA Respect Development Centre

We’re a ‘beacon’ League pioneering The FA’s changes to junior football, making it more fun and more competitive in a clam, safe, child-friendly environment. Our Centre concentrates on long-term player development rather than short-term match wins. The faster and further we can develop all players, the better. The FA says: Look after player development and winning will take care of itself.

How do we accelerate player development? We have Silent Sidelines (clap but don’t shout out) and far less Touchline Coaching so players can make their own decisions. Players get roughly equal time on the pitch and play in a variety of positions quickly building their understanding and experience of the game. All clubs must field Mixed Ability Teams (no old fashioned ’A’ and ‘B’ that hold players back) so every game is more evenly matched and our Power Play rule prevent games becoming too one sided.
All this increases challenge and makes us by far the most competitive junior League around.

The formats is 9v9 to give children more skilful touches of the ball. There are 2 one-and a-quarter hour sessions, kicking off at: 10.00am and 11.15am on Sundays at Armitage Sports Centre in Fallowfield - map Centre Managers: Sally Thompson, Elliott Schofield Centre Director: Paul Kavanagh